ICQ Clone
Alex Galkin, Platon Fomitchev

russian version

Welcome to the page of another ICQ client (I think it is forth). It is called Licq.

Current version Licq 0.71, plug-in 0.67 (04.01.2000)

About this application:

The author of this application is Graham Roff. At first it was written for Linux. Afterwards it was transferred to FreeBSD and other UNIX-like platforms. And only recently it was ported by me to OS/2 ;). If you want to know history of this port it is quite simple - I was searching for good ICQ client for Solaris and stumbled across Licq. It was rather hard to compile and I decided as an experiment to try to make it work in /2. And I was successful! After a week of digging in the sources of app, replacing some funcs and searching for needed libs (Stauff had helped me much with this) LICQ launched normally. I was impressed (before it I used many other OS/2 native ICQ clients) and I decided to give to people. Also I'd like to mention that still no critical bugs were found in stable version of LICQ/2.

So, what's this all fuss about (see screen shot 33k).

Licq is a client for working with ICQ server using the same named protocol, created by Mirabilis company (now it's owned by America Online). Almost all features of original WIN32 application are supported and some are done even better. You can:

Service functions: As it is a UNIX app with X interface you will need XServer. I can't but mention that LICQ works great with PMX, and if you will take corresponding Xmodmap, you even can use Cyrillic symbols without any troubles (see article about Cyrillic support in XFree86 on this server).

This app was written using Qt, that's why you will need corresponding qt lib see links.

That's all! Nothing to worry! I can admit that OS/2 version works a lot better than Solaris one (latest versions are not working on my Solaris at all :( ).

Some common for ALL systems problems and still not working features in LICQ app:

You can download latest version in the form of binary files, but if you want to get acquainted with the code or correct smth you can also download sources. Do not forget that LICQ is distributed according to GNU license. Before downloading LICQ please do not forget to read next section!!!

And finally...
I want to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Brian Smith [Nuke] from EverBlue (NetLabs) project, he ported some pthreads funcs in just one day. Without them you will never see LICQ up and running! THANKS Brian!
Also huge thanks to Stauff__, who made some OS/2 corrections and found many bugs and also translated this document.

So, that's all. Write bug-reports - more bug-reports- more bug-fixes. :)))

Pay attention!

In order to run LICQ (version >=0.70) you will need QT lib version 2.00 or higher. More you will need (and not only for LICQ) patched EMX.dll with unofficial fix from Brian Smith.

If you use PMX and do not have XFree86/2, you will need X11 archive. Unpack it somewhere and edit the environment variable X11ROOT in Licq_start.cmd (or in config.sys), and start Licq with attached Licq_start.cmd (you can also transfer env. variables defined in it to config.sys).

As an XServer you may use XFree86/2, PMX, Exceed/2(this do not have Cyrillic support still). You can find them on our server Also there you will find some info about each XServer (in Russian mostly).

You may also find some additional info in additions. If you still have troubles e-mail me - you can find my coordinates at the end of this page.

All needed libs you will find in links part of this page.

And the most important: before starting LICQ please run (or even install) X-Server!


Req. version
Licq 0.61.11 binary (stable)
Licq 0.71 binary (unstable)
Licq 0.71 source
Qt lib 1.44
licq ver.0.66
Qt lib 2.02 (patch-2)
licq ver.0.7x
X11 - if you do not have XFree86
addon (zlib pnglib, emx-fix)
Cyrillic support for PMX


April-May 1999
Licq 0.66.1
June 1999
Licq 0.66.11
September-October 1999
Licq 0.70 + plugin 0.66.1
October 1999
Licq 0.70.1a + plugin 0.66.2
November 1999
Licq 0.70.1aa + plugin 0.66.2
December 1999 - January 2000
Licq 0.71 + plugin 0.67



If Licq crashes while adding another person to contact-list, you will

need to add SET EMXOPT=-h1024 (or 2048) to your config.sys,
to increase maximum number of file handles. This is very important if you
use Squid/2.


If you have problems while loading plug-in you probably need this two

libs: zlib & pnglib .You can get them downloading addon (zlib, pnglib,emx-fix).


The most important thing in this version is locale support.

If you want to have localized version of licq travel to
and in "Downloads" look for your language.After that place .qm file in
/share/qt-gui/locale and set LANG variable according to example in licq.cmd
If you will ever want to change strings please get .po file for examplle
RU_RU_KOI8-R.PO and use MSG2QM util on it. You can get all this files in /share

Alex A. Galkin
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Platon B. Fomitchev
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