Squid 3 for OS/2 Maintenance Page

Squid Internet Object Cache.

"Squid offers high performance proxy caching for Web clients, It supports FTP, Gopher, and HTTP requests. The cache software, available only in source, is more than an order of magnitude faster than the CERN httpd and other popular Internet caches, because it never needs to fork (except for FTP), is implemented with non-blocking I/O, keeps meta data and hot objects in VM, caches DNS lookups. Squid caches can be arranged hierarchically for an improvement in response times and a reduction in bandwith usage. Squid runs on all popular Unix platforms."

Squid Homepage.

Current State of Squid OS/2 Port.

There is an OS/2 version of Squid 3.0.stable13 at os2ports.smedley.info, which is a little bit outdated.

Squid 2 was successfuly ported to OS/2 by Platon Fomichev. Here you can find OS/2-related FAQ and list of known bugs. Please visit Squid Homepage for OS-independent questions.

Where Can I Get Squid 3 for OS/2?

Squid 3.0 is available now at os2ports.smedley.info. It will be uploaded to os2ports.smedley.info after some testings and necessary bug fixes will be done. Anyway, it runs quite well at this time. Please, check download page for latest versions and hotfixes.

Current Version, List of Known Bugs and Workarounds.

For any comments or suggestions, please send e-mail to Platon Fomichev or Alexander Krapivin