Gated for OS/2

Q: What is gated.exe ?
A: Gated.exe is a Gated-3-5-10 ported to OS/2 platform. It is built with ICMP, RIP2 and OSPF support. It supplies you ability to run OSPF under OS/2. This is the main goal of it. Be sure: there are many bugs and inconveniences in this release, so you don't have to use it, if you don't feel like.

Q: How can I run gated.exe ?

  1. Be sure to have EMX run time libraries in your path (download it from and install as it needs, don't forget to reboot).
  2. Before running run.cmd you can do
    ifconfig lanX -icmpred
    if you want gated to take into account ICMP redirect messages received from lanX interface.
  3. At last, simply extract somewhere you like, adjust gated.conf to fit your system and launch run.cmd, then gated will get/put everything from/to this directory. If gated.conf is OK, it should start immediately. After you can watch logs in current directory, run ospfmon.exe program to check how it works. You can also test RIP protocol, by quering it from machines under UNIX with ripquery program (unfortunately I failed to port ripquery program, maybe sometime later).
  4. Type Ctrl+C in order to finish gated.exe when you are fed up of it. Gated will not clean your routing table as it was before it started.

Q: Does anybody know how to write gated.conf file ?
A: Yes, there are people who know it, check out

Q: What are restrictions of OS/2 gated ?
A: Of course there are some restrictions in using gated.exe in OS/2.

  1. There are some problems with paths to gated.conf,, gated.version, gated.log, gated_dump etc files. So, the best way is to run gated.exe as shown in run.cmd and explicitly define these paths.
  2. It can't use routing socket - convenient way to exchange routing table updates, from different souces (gated, routed, route from CLI)
  3. It can not daemonize.
  4. There may be problems with other than LAN network interfaces
  5. There is no way to gracefull shutdown gated or to make it to dump its state into gated_dump file on the fly such as gdc program. Type Ctrl+C to finish gated.exe. It will not clean your routing table as it was before it started.

Q: Where can I get this version of gated for OS/2 ?

Dmitry Irtegov
Dmitry Novosjolov