Tutti Frutti. Issue 61 (Nov 3, 2000). English version

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It's 6 years now since I've started with OS/2. I developed software for OS/2, surf the net, hung around on IRC, read and wrote to a dozen of mailing lists and newsgroups. I did (and I still do) too many things to remember them all :). You might have aready seen the anthology of my OS/2 desktop. Today I'd like to present you how did my system look at boot time during those 6 years. So, here's the history of one OS/2 boot logo:

OS/2 2.1
OS/2 2.1
I had to take a picture of this first logo from the screen with a camera, because in those times the logo was not available as a separate file in the root directory. I suspect it was hiding somewhere in the kernel. Maybe I'm wrong, however. But then came OS/2 Warp and it became easy enough to substitute the logo with your own one. Especially when logo support has been added to PMView. You can search Hobbes for some fancy logos, while we show you the standard ones:
Warp3 prerelease
OS/2 Warp3 prerelease
OS/2 Warp3
Warp Connect
OS/2 Warp3 Connect
OS/2 Warp4
OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business (Aurora)
eCS preview 3
You may download the logo archive here.

To prevent possible questions: I DO NOT have eComStation :). The only thing I have is a boot logo from its installation floppies, which I'd like to share with you :-).

Special thanks to Jugulator who helped to find those floppies and old OS/2 logos, Dmitry Platonoff for English translation and Hans Hockx for eCS preview 3 logo.

Eugen Kuleshov

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