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Q Два десктопа сменяют друг друга при перезагрузке

The problem with alternating Desktops is caused by a Drive being duplicated in the File Handle Structure in the OS2SYS.INI file. In order to fixthis problem, you must remove one of the duplicated Drive entries from the INI file.

Here is how you fix the problem with the alternating Desktops using UniMaint.

  1. Make sure you have a Desktop Backup of your system. We are going to mess with some things that could have a major effect on PM and WPS, so you always want to have a place to go back to.
  2. You are going to have to live with one Desktop or the other, so boot until you get to the Desktop that you want and do the steps below immediately after the Boot and do not do anything else until you are finished.
  3. Bring up the main UniMaint window and use the File Menu to get the System INI File as the file you are looking at. This is the OS2SYS.INI file unless you have manually changed it.
  4. Find PM_Workplace:Active Handles and highlight it. In the User Data Window you will see with the Handles0 or the Handles1 Application Name.
  5. Highlight the Application Name that is listed in the window. The Key Names should not start with BLOCK1. There might be only on entry or there could be a BLOCK2 etc. Don't worry about how many there are.
  6. Use the Find/Application Key Value to do a search on the drive that is duplicated, D:, for example.
  7. Looking at the information on the right hand side of the user Data Window, when you find the entry you are looking for, you will see the characters DRIV a few lines above the D: and the word NODE just past the D: that you found. A few lines down you will find D: again. This is the good entry, so you do not want to mess with it.
  8. Use the Find/Repeat Last Find and it will find the second D: entry which is the one above that is a few lines down from the first one.
  9. Do the Repeat Find again and you should not be at the D: entry that is the problem entry. Once again, you will see DRIV in front of the entry, NODE just past it and another D: a few lines down.
  10. You need to get rid of this D: drive, so you can move the cursor in the User Data Window to the two D: entries and change the D to an invalid drive by typing over it. You must change both of them, you must change them to something that is a drive that does not exist and you must change both of them to the same thing.
  11. Go to the Action Menu and use Update Current Key to get the information written to the OS2SYS.INI file.
  12. This is probably not necessary, but I would suggest you now sit and wait for at least one minute so that the modified OS2SYS.INI file is actually written to you HD.
  13. Now use the Desktop Menu, Reset Desktop to do a Reset of WPS. This will cause WPS to collapse and all of your Icons will disappear. The Desktop should come back in a minute or so. If the Desktop does not come back, then do a three finger salute to reboot.
  14. You should now have the Desktop you expect and the other Desktop will not come back.
  15. If you have the wrong Desktop, then you should use the Backup to Restore the Desktop with the duplicate Handles and modify the other D: entry.
  16. Once you have a good Desktop, then make a new Desktop Backup, so you can always get back to where you are.
  17. Finally, use the Recover menu, Repair INI Files to do the Default INI File Repair. Just bring up the Dialog, click on Execute...this will fill the Repair Window, select the Do Repair Button just above the data window and click on Execute again. All of the problem entries will now be gone.
  18. I would now make another Desktop Backup, do a Shutdown and Reboot just to be sure that everything is okay.
  19. After you have done a few Shutdowns and Reboots...over the space of a couple of days or so. Then it would not hurt to make another Desktop Backup, just to be sure that everything is okay.

It does not hurt to make several Desktop Backups, because the default is to keep 10 generations. You should use the Description field to make careful notes as to exactly where you are in the process above when you make each Backup so that you will know exactly which generation to use if you need to backtrack for any reason.

Let me know if you have any problems or do not understand any of the above. If you get to a point in the procedure where you are not sure whether you are in the right place and you have not made any changes, then stop right there and ask questions. Once you have made any of the changes and written them to the file, you must go all the way through the process or use the Desktop Backup to Restore and start over.

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