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Dear OS/2 users and programmers!


As I am the leader of GNOME/2 team, and I spend plenty of time in X/2, I started to feel myself uncomfortable without a MP3 player. Moreover, I'm not satisfied with ALL the MP3 players currently available for OS/2, as I like nifty GUI stuff which all the OS/2 players lack of. Even the PM123 player doesn't support Windoze skins in equalizer and its playlist window is a common one. But the GUI itself isn't the main trouble. Neither PM123, nor WarpAmp were not updated during the past 5 months, and they still have lots of things to improve, for example that clean WinAMP skin support, and so on. And the developers even demand money for their half-made software :) So I've decided to organize a small team of programmers to help me port XMMS. I already have the GUI stuff 80% up and running, but things that are deep inside are far-far more hard. First of all -- I will do all the GUI and file related stuff (playlist, loading and so on) 100%, everything else would be the task of helpers, and IMHO they're gonna be main porters.

What to do

Pthreads stuff -- XMMS uses pthreads, but pthreads libs are already done for OS/2, contact [Nuke] on #os2warez, he may tell you more about pthreads.
GTK threads -- that's sad to say my own field of action, but I'm not gonna move anywhere until someone will start working on the pthreads, as gtk-threads are built on them.
MPG123 -- that's fairly easy, we already have mpg123 engine done so we only need to adjust XMMS sources.
Plugin System -- that's a great field of action, [Nuke] said it will not be simple to do.

So the main idea is -- if no one will help me, I will do nothing, I am not a crazy robot, I already maintain gnome which is fairly hard, and will not spend time for XMMS unless I have somebody's help. Also XMMS is not a GNOME app, and our team is not skilled in Pthreads and OS/2 audio.

REMEMBER: XMMS will run PM with EverBlue someday! Be sure to help your OS if you do not want to see it dead, XMMS is a paradise - Linux people are hard-working and they will always keep it top notch. Just port it, and then we will integrate our changes in CVS.

Hope you help.

Here are two screenshots of XMMS (xmms.zip, 230k) running on my desktop. Only GUI, I know my stuff, sad to say my OS/2 audio knowledges are equal to zero :)

X Multimedia System:

XMMS Open File Dialog:

BTW, skins are already up and running.

Platon Fomichev

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